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Paint System Services - Startup and Balance
It is estimated that as much as 20% to 50% of the electrical power used to run industrial fan, pump, and blower systems can be saved by overcoming operating inefficiencies. Through the reduction of these inefficiencies, both energy savings and process enhancement are realized. Our goal at Comptech is to correct these inefficiencies.

Comptech is dedicated to providing unbiased, accurate, system analysis, testing and balancing of air and water systems. As an independent testing company, we are not affiliated with suppliers or contractors; this ensures that our customer receives the highest level of independent expertise, without outside influence.
Reports and Documentation
As part of our balancing, and startup baseline data we provide complete "Testing and Balancing" (TAB) documentation and reports.

In addition, we offer complete system analysis and improvement feasibility studies. This process involves a complete system study (plant, building, or equipment), documentation of conditions, analysis and reporting, design drawings, and scope of work for improvements.

Please click on the documents below for example reports.

Baseline Data
Baseline Report
Scope of Work
System Schematics
Testing and Balancing Equipment
Our service engineers are trained to analyze, test, and balance buildings and systems using the highest quality air and hydronic balancing equipment available. Following is a list of the equipment we use at Comptech Corporation.
Electronic Manometer
Electronic Multimeter Manometers are used to measure air pressure, velocity, temperature, relative humidity, etc. These measurements are used to analyze total systems and verify design.
  Alnor EBT721Z1 Balometer Electronic Balancing Tool allows us to accurately measure and analyze airflow and pressure, wet and dry bulb temperature, dewpoint temperature and relative humidity. This full function multimeter delivers consistent and highly accurate readings and includes a 16 point velocity grid for coil, filter, fume hood and clean room testing.
Rotating Vane Anemometer
Velocity readings are taken using an anemometer at silhouettes, booth plenum face velocity, downdraft velocities, etc.; these readings are used to calculate the volumetric flow rates, verify velocity, and check for cross drafts.

  Alnor RVD Rotating Vane Anemometer measures air velocity and temperature in English or metric units. This digital anemometer automatically averages velocity and volume readings, making it an essential tool for measuring unevenly distributed or fluctuating flows through heating and cooling coils, diffusers, grilles, and filters. Another important feature is the sweep mode which quickly and reliably provides one averaged reading of velocity or volume over a large measurement area.
Capture Hoods
Capture hoods are used to directly measure air flow from grilles, registers, and other openings.
  Alnor EBT721Z1 Balometer Electronic Balancing Tool with Capture Hood allows us to accurately measure and analyze airflow from registers and diffusers. Using this tool removes the error associated with open air measurements around diffusers.
Voltage and Current Multimeters
Motor voltage and current readings are taken to calculate the power usage and verify horsepower.
Fluke True RMS multimeter insures the accuracy demanded by Comptech and our costumers. These meters deliver True RMS voltage and current measurements, in-rush current for measuring motor start-up, ac/dc volts, and ohms.
Thermometers for Air, Surface, and Liquid Temperature
Temperatures are measured to determine if systems are operating as designed , parts are reaching baking temperature, and to determine process fluid density.
  Fluke Model 52 thermometers allow us to get precise temperature readings of air, water, and surface materials. This dual input thermometer allows us to quickly and accurately measure temperature differences across heating and cooling coils, part or system surface temperatures including piping, and process air.
Fan and motor speed is measured to determine if the fan is operating at design conditions. If the fan capacity or pressure requires modifications, the fan speed is adjusted by re-sheaving the fan, motor, or both.

Checkline 2000HD Combination Contact and Non-Contact Digital Tachometer accurately measures rotational and surface speed and length. While used in non-contact mode, we can measure fan and motor speeds on inaccessible shafts from several feet away. The 2000HD features 1 to 99,999 RPM with 0.02% accuracy or 0.30 to 6,500 FPM surface speed.
Our service engineers use laptop computers that contain programs to download and analyze data retrieved from our equipment.
Laptop Computers are used to download and analyze data on site which allows us to efficiently review and store data while preventing transcribe errors and data loss.

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